Master of Arts in Education: Special Education

The M.A. Ed. in Special Education Program is designed for those teachers who already hold a teaching license in the state of Vermont and wish to expand their knowledge in the area of special education practice. 

The graduate program in special education at Castleton prepares special educators who serve students in grades K-12 with diverse strengths, needs, and abilities. The department's goal is to provide educators with the knowledge and skills required to work with students with challenges and to function collaboratively with parents, teachers, administrators, support providers, and employers. Much of what we emphasize includes evidence-based practices in inclusive settings and high achievement for all students regardless of their disability.

There are currently two options for earning a M.A. Ed. in Special Education at Castleton:

Option 1

Castleton currently has a memorandum of understanding with the Vermont Higher Education Collaborative (VTHEC). Students complete the first 18 credits in special education through the Higher Education Collaborative program and then submit those courses to the Vermont Licensure Board for their special education endorsement through the transcript/academic review process. Students can then come to Castleton where those 18 credits are accepted and blended into a M.A. Ed. in Special Education.

Option 2

Castleton offers graduate courses in special education that, once completed, can be submitted to the Vermont Licensure Board for the special education endorsement through the transcript/academic review process. Students complete a 36-credit program that includes both core courses and special education courses designed to address the knowledge and performance standards of the special education endorsement. 

We encourage you to review this website for additional information regarding admissions, matriculation, and coursework. If you would like further information on these two options for the special education graduate degree, please contact Director of Education Dr. Richard Reardon at (802) 468-1234. 

Note: The M.A. Ed. in Special Education is a non-licensure program. However, the courses in special education have been designed to meet the knowledge and performance standards of the endorsement and were built around the Council for Exceptional Children’s Advanced Common Core Knowledge and Skills and the candidate's transcripts can be submitted to the Agency of Education licensure board through the transcript and academic review process.