The Castleton Art Department offers a B.A. in Art which is a dynamic program that seeks to nurture your natural curiosity and inspire a fascination with discovery. With a low student to professor ratio, the Art Department allows a great deal of one-on-one instruction.

In studio courses, our faculty teach practical skills that are crucial to making an art student adaptable in today’s complex world. We introduce students to the language of art and design and model ways to cultivate creativity. You will learn how to conduct research, efficiently manage your time, and make critical assessments.

Through studio experiments, you will learn to sharpen your senses of perception. Creating an artwork means distilling your observations, ideas and dreams into physical form. Along the way, the materials, technologies and methods you use will challenge you to make complex decisions and come up with original solutions.

By investigating the art of the past and present you will gain an understanding of how people throughout history and across cultures have created a visual record of their own societies. Understanding today’s visual culture is essential to designing for our future.

Throughout your campus experience there are also many travel opportunities to the major art centers of the East coast such as New York, Boston, and Montreal. Additionally, there are study abroad programs where a student can experience other countries and cultures. As a Castleton art student, you will gain the insight and self-confidence to describe your own place in the contemporary world, culminating with a senior show in the Student Gallery, showcasing each art majors’ body of work.

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