Staying Informed

How do parents stay informed?

As students join the Castleton community, one of the biggest changes and challenges is the transition of information access and privacy rights from the parent to the student. Where once information about your son or daughter came directly to you, information now flows directly to your student.

How will Financial Aid communicate to your student?

New Students:  All correspondence regarding financial aid notifications will be sent to the email address on record per our database. Once your student registers, correspondence will be sent through their Castleton email address.  You can help by reminding your student to activate their Castleton email address after attending registration.

Returning Students:  All Correspondence will be sent emails to their Castleton email account.

Remember – All students can view their financial aid status at anytime online using Portal/Web Services and it is important that they get into the habit of doing so. Financial aid is subject to change. Students should check their accounts regularly.

Communication is Key!

Consider the following:
What do you want to know about?
How will your student keep you in the loop?
How will your student develop the skills to manage their finances independently?
Your student will be receiving important information from our office and offices across campus, mostly via email. Take a moment to establish a communication strategy with regards to the questions above. Let your student know that you are interested in helping them navigate until they become more independent.

How can I help my student with building his or her skills when I do not have access to their information? 

You might suggest your student forward emails to you, and we suggest asking your student periodically if they have received any important emails from Financial Aid that need responses. If it is information on your student’s bill you are interested in, have your student set you up as an authorized user. This will allow you to receive email notifications regarding billing. Read more about this at the Financial & Registration Services.

When will my student receive their financial aid notification?

At Castleton we will begin awarding new students in mid to late November and returning students in late January. A new student will be awarded when they are accepted by admissions and we have received a valid FAFSA. All awarded students will be sent an email notification. A new student's email will be sent to the email address per our database, and returning students' emails will be sent to their Castleton email address. The emails prompt all students to sign in to Portal/Web Services to view their award.

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Tips for Parents from Financial & Registration Services For Student Accounts

How do I view my student’s bill online?

  • Bills are not mailed home.
  • All student billing statements are available electronically. Castleton does not mail billing statements. Students will receive bill notification emails sent to their Castleton email address. Students should follow these steps to make you an authorized user so that you too will receive billing notification emails.
  • Your student must log onto his or her account and follow this process:
    1. Go to Authorized Users on the tool bar.
    2. Go to Add an Authorized User box.
    3. Complete the email address of the Authorized User.
    4. Add User to complete the entry.
    5. The system will respond with a confirmation message. Enter the last 4 digits of your student ID number to confirm the request Agree.
    6. You can add as many Authorized Users as you like.

Once this step is completed, you will receive an email when new statements are uploaded. If you choose to setup a payment plan, you will also receive an email prior to your due-dates.

Questions concerning E-billing or payment plans should be directed to Financial & Registration Services at (802) 468-6070.