Health Education

The Castleton Department of Health, Human Movement & Sport offers a B.S. in Health Education that provides a variety of professional opportunities.

Health educators assist individuals and communities in promoting positive health behaviors. They have specialized skills in planning, implementing and evaluating community programs that focus on a variety of negative health issues.

Castleton’s Health Education degree offers course work and field experiences in local school and community organizations to help students learn the skills necessary to be successful in contemporary education settings.

Students majoring in Health Education are encouraged to further their professional skills and knowledge by pursuing one of these concentrations:

  • The concentration in community health education prepares students for careers in non-school health settings, such as public health departments, hospitals, work site health promotion, and non-profit community agencies. This program prepares students to take the Community Health Education Specialist Exam.
  • The concentration in school health education prepares pre-service teacher candidates to be certified to teach health education in public schools. Graduates also find employment in other health education venues such as community health and safety agencies.

With a strong commitment to a standards-based approach Castleton has high expectations for effort, achievement and behavior. Students will have the ability to organize, develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive health education program that includes the Vermont health core concept areas. Students will also have the ability to develop and implement an assessment plan according to national and state standards and exhibit an understanding of applicable laws, policies and procedures.