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"The people of Vermont are the greatest influence - they have made me a nicer person and much more polite."

Eric Horsfield, '15, Sports Administration

"Castleton has helped me to recognize my true passions and reshape my future aspirations."

Kaylee Pratt, '15, Communication

"I grew at Castleton and changed to become the confident and well-rounded individual I am today."

Kelsey Burnell, '14, Spanish

"This past semester I was paid to teach in Shanghai, China...Now I’ve got a good story, and the skills to write it."

Jack DelPriore, '15, English/Literature

"...it’s small enough that you develop a great network of close friends and a strong sense of community, but at the same time there are always new people to meet."

Shannon Burns, '14, Athletic Training


Castleton offers more than 30 challenging majors in the liberal arts and sciences and in professional and career preparation.

Classes are small and students receive individual attention from faculty. Castleton's curriculum is based on the belief that a well-rounded education that expands your horizons and teaches you how to write and to solve problems creatively is critical in career preparation, no matter what you plan to do.

Undergraduate Programs

Castleton offers a variety of undergraduate majors, minors, concentrations, and certificates that can be combined to best fit your interests and goals. Take a look to see what interests you.

Graduate Programs

We offer any array of programs in the arts, educations, and science. Learn more about what program is right for you.

Castleton People

Kaylee Pratt Communication, '15

"I had so many great professors and friends who came into my life and I honestly would not change any of it."

Nick Minarik English/Literature, '12

"My experience has taught me that you can be the best at what you do, but without the ability to express it in a convincing way, no one will notice."

Dr. Joyce Thomas English/Literature,

"Wherever possible, her approach to teaching seeks to combine the critical and the creative."

Cassie Papandrea English/Literature, '15

"This is what I want to do. I found my place."

Jack DelPriore English/Literature, '15

"I like to wander around malls, bookstores, or any place that might interest me just to look at the people and things that are around while I let my mind do some wandering of its own."

Jorah McKinley Writing Minor, '15

"I find that it's small enough that you develop a great network of close friends and a strong sense of community, but at the same time there are always new people to meet."

Jill Harrington Social Work, '15

"I appreciate the fact that my professors know me by name and I am able to receive one-on-one interaction with them."

Lyndsay Christman Social Work, '15

"I had gone from never hearing of the college to deciding Castleton would be my number one choice for my college career."

Laura Nally Health Education, '15

"My professors are always there to talk to me, help me whether its in their class or not, even if I'm having other problems not related to my academics."

Eric Horsfield Sports Administration, '15

"I love the campus and the atmosphere that Castleton gives off."

Kelsey Burnell Spanish, '14

"Castleton has offered me so many experiences to learn outside of a traditional classroom setting."

Tarryn Bolognani Athletic Training, '13

"Castleton had a major influence on where I am today."

Lauren Martin Theater Arts, '06

"Castleton was a nurturing environment that allowed me to discover and develop many skills."

Melissa Verrill Computer Information Systems, '09

"My Castleton professors gave me the tools and confidence I needed to be successful."

Stephen Vitale History, '15

"My professors at Castleton motivated me to work harder."

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